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Everything is purer and fresher the closer you get to the sky. The colours on the horizon glows more magically and the starry night sky shines brighter. The sky is full of suprises - every time you look at it, you see something different.

The Northern nature has been clever, for every season, it has hidden some of its riches in the rugged Northern landscape. In the winter, game animals thrive in the crisp clear air under the moon, whereas plants and herbs gain their intense flavours in the shadows of summer.

Our surprise menu is a tribute to the rich nature of the North and to world’s purest ingredients found here. We have travelled over fell tops and through wooded marshlands, just to ensure that our surprise menu will offer an authentic and unique experience of the Northern nature.


Served from Friday to Saturday.
Last orders before 20.30.
We recommend a wine package with the surprise menu to compliment the flavours in the best possible way.


– Finnish Cheeses 9€
– Heavenly Wines 56€
– Arctic non-alcoholic Drinks Pairing 36€

We would kindly ask you to inform all special dietary needs and allergies beforehand, thank you.

Our surprise menu is lactose-free. On request, gluten-free and vegetarian options are available.

We recommend to reserve a minimum of 3 hours to fully enjoy the five course surprise menu. To make Your evening as smooth as possible, we recommend that You choose the surprise menu for Your whole party.

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