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The story of Kitchen Sky & View

Kitchen Sky & View

Fresh birch leaves from the side of a wildly running river, reindeer wandering the rocky fells of Salla and the northernmost pike perch fished from a lightly iced lake have all imbued themselves with the clean and fresh northern soil, absorbed all the naturalness that Lapland has to offer. The scents, the flavours, the frost, the sun and the sounds are all reasons for the special contents of our menu.

Arctic highlights

The same boy who for years had watched the passing river bubble away beautifully in the early summer was now sat on a dark rock, with a red arctic char in his hands. It was a festival for a hot summer, although not long ago the blooming landscape had still been covered in sleet. The day announced its special character loudly, like a crow sitting on a young spruce. Never before had he gone deep among the young birch trees to collect a bag full of fresh leaves. They would give a summery green colour to the evening broth.